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Compartment Syndrome


The compartment syndrome is a medical condition where the nerves and blood vessels within an enclosed space get compressed. This condition leads to muscle and nerve damage and there are problems with the blood flow.

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The compartment syndrome is caused due to numerous problems. There are thick layers of tissues called fascia. This fascia separates the groups of the muscles in the arms and the legs from each other. The “compartment” is placed inside each layer of fascia. This compartment contains muscle tissues and blood vessels and nerves. The fascia don’t expand as a result any swelling in the compartment will increase the pressure of the area. High blood pressure may block the nerves and blood flow. This may lead to damaging of the limb and will need amputation of the area. This swelling may be due to trauma and injury or even surgery. An extremely tight cast may also lead to the compartment syndrome.

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Signs & Symptoms

The patient with this syndrome may suffer from the following symptoms namely:-

  • The patient may suffer from pain even after taking the pain killers.
  • The skin may become weak and pale.
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There is no prevention method for this disease in case of trauma. In case of tight casting this cast may be loosened up to relieve the pain.

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Surgery Modern Medicine

The patient may require surgery if the condition does not improve. Long surgical cuts may be required to ease off the pressure. The doctor may leave the wounds open for 48-72 hours and may close the wound during the second surgery. The cast or bandage may be cut loose if it is tightened to the extreme.

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