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The clubfoot is a medical condition under which the foot turns inward and points downward. In this disease the bones, joints, muscles and blood vessels are formed incorrectly. This is a type of congenital disease seen in around 1 in every 1000 births. Boys are more prone to this disease in compare to girls. Talipes equinovarus and talipes are the two alternative names to this disease. This disease can be detected early, by ultrasound of the unborn child. There are two types of clubfoot. The more serious type is usually associated with spinal dysraphism, arthrgyrposis. The second type is idiopathic in nature and is less severe.

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The clubfoot is one of the major congenital diseases found in children. This can range from mild to flexible to severe to even rigid cases. Though, the cause is unknown in all these cases. The disease is considered to be genetically transferred.

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Signs & Symptoms

The patient with clubfoot may experience the following symptoms namely:-

  • The patient’s foot or feet may fold inward and point downwards.
  • One or both the feet can be affected.
  • The calf muscle and foot are slightly smaller than the normal.
  • It is difficult for the foot to place in the correct position.
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There is no known prevention of this disease.

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Conservative Treatment Modern Medicine

The foot is correctly postured and a cast is placed to keep the foot in shape. This treatment should be done at the earliest so that the reshaping of the foot becomes easy. Ideally this treatment should be given days after the birth. The tightened Achilles tendon can be released during the simple outpatient procedure.

Surgical Modern Medicine

In severe cases where there is no effect of the applicable treatments the clubfoot can be repaired through surgery. Most of the time, the treatment shows positive results.

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