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Baker'S Cyst


In between tendons ( which connects the two bones), there is space called as bursa. In between the medial head of the gastrocnemius and the semimembranosus muscle there is semimembranosus bursa.There is collection of fluid due to arthritis or any other cause in the space results in the formation of cystic swelling called baker's cyst.This swelling is behind the knee called as popliteal space. When this become large enough then it can be palpable and cystic.Baker's cyst can rupture and then the fluid gets enters into the spaces in the muscles causing an acute pain.

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Baker's cyst causes by the arthritis i.e joint swelling which is the most common cause of the baker's cyst and the excess fluid due to swelling gets accumulated and  causes swelling.Baker's cyst can also occur in the Lyme disease.The best way to see baker's cyst in the extended leg and from behind the patient..Osteoarthritis can also be the cause.

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Signs & Symptoms

Knee pain when the knee is extended or flexed against the gravity

A doctor can see a protruding bulge behind the knee as a sign.

A ruptured cyst can cause bruise on the inner ankle and looks like a inflamed vein called phelebitis.

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Cryotherapy Naturopathy

Cryotherapy is the application of the ice pack on the skin with the help of a cloth.

Prolotherapy Modern Medicine

Prolotherapy in which the non-irritating substances are injected in the ligaments or tendon to relieve pain and strengthening weakened connective tissue.


Surgery Modern Medicine

Surgical incision to the patients for removing the fluid in the cyst, if it causes great  pain to the patient.Cortisone can be given to reduce the swelling. Pain killers can also be used to kill pain like paracetamol

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